Mike Katz (
Thu, 6 May 1999 07:55:28 -0400


I have recentl upgraded to AS 1.6 blah...  Im very new to AS and Linux... Im
trying to configure asmail...  I dont realy use any local mail
( but I would like to retrive pop3 mail....  by default asmail
seems to want to use elm... I dont have elm.. and the rpm is asking for all
kinds of glib .so's I dont have....

I read that asmail can use fetchmail... is this a better way to go? do I
just change the asmail file?  Should I be using a .asmailrc file .. were
should it be ~/G/L/A ? or in /root ?  or shold I be using asmail as the conf

Also, right now it does not aper to be animated or using the correct .xpm
...  I wanted the spining e with the nice little sky background... it appers
to be a little inbox type tray....

any help with this would be greatly apriciated