Re: Pager starting with color...
Mon, 10 May 1999 11:01:53 -0500

>I recently installed AfterStep 1.7.90 (which comes with RedHat 6.0), and
>I've experienced this behavior (pager starting with gray background
>instead of the root picture) as well. Actually, things were even
>stranger: the pager insisted on ignoring the database settings, coming
>up with title bar, not sticky etc.

>I was using *PagerSetRootOnStartup because I was launching an aterm with
>transparent background before AS was started (it was on my .xinitrc). I
>guessed this could be the source of my problems, so I removed the aterm
>from my .xinitrc and put it on my ~/G/L/A/autoexec file, _after_ pager
>starts (I even wait for the pager to come up, with 'Wait "I" Pager'),
>_and_ commented out the *PagerSetRootOnStartup line. Be it a coincidence
>or not, I haven't had any more problems since then...

hmm, iteresting
I'll be looking in to that anytime soon.

>Andre Oliveira da Costa