q3 & wharf?

Michael Katz (mkatz@meganet.net)
Thu, 6 May 1999 14:57:06 -0400

Im runing afterstep 1.6 and Im trying to run q3 from the wharf... it does
not seem to work.... this is in my wharf file in /G/L/A

*Wharf quake3 QuakeFace.xpm Exec "-"
/usr/local/games/q3test/linuxquake3 &

I also set /usr/local/games/q3test and /usr/local/games/q3test/demoq3 as a
path's in my profile

if i go to a x term and type in "linuxquake3" it starts to run then says
"Error: Couldn't load default.cfg"

any one get this to work...please let me know!


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