Transparency an Pager
Thu, 6 May 1999 14:09:19 -0500

>Hello all !

>I have a little problem:

>i use xglobe as root ("live") background image,
>and pager doesn't get it with transparency.

it will not. AfterStep is using simplifyed transparency algorithm,
and if you do not set your background with Pager or asetroot
it will not work.

>Aterm do it.
Aterm has more sophisticated logic for doing transparency, and
that enables it to handle it properly.

>How can i solve this problem ?

xglobe needs to be modifyed to allow for transparency in AfterStep.
That is easy modifycation - just a matter of adding few lines of code.
If somebody is willing to do that - I can give a consultation.

>I use RedHat Mandrake Festen, kernel 2.2.7 and the
>last AfterStep devel.