Re: Working on SunOS 5.5.1 w/o root, mostly.

James (
Mon, 31 May 1999 18:28:04 +0100 (BST)

On Mon, 31 May 1999, Sarwat Khan wrote:

# I read and understood the FAQ well before getting to the READMEs. The 
# READMEs were just confusing the matter, and I decided to ignore them 
# (the FAQ basically tells you to ignore the install stuff in the 
# READMEs). You mentioned to read the READMEs in your last posts. You 

can i just point something out here...

Which would be more up to date (and therefore appropriate):

An "obviously out of date FAQ" or
the README that comes in the tar file?

It's traditional to read the README before reading anything else (that IS
why it's called README not READ-AND-IGNOREME)

But am i missing something here?

[download stuff]
tar -zxvf tarfile.tar
cd as-directory
./configure --prefix=~/AfterStep # cos didn't you say you weren't root?
make install
vi .xinitrc
# add the line below, replacing any window managers in there
# save file

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