RE: Applying Patches

David Mihm (
Tue, 15 Jun 1999 10:54:32 -0500 (CDT)

On Tue, 15 Jun 1999, Fisher Michael (NMP) wrote:

>Hi Albert,
>Thanks for replying so quickly!
>Once all the patches are applied I must recompile the source and go through
>the install steps again, correct? I installed 1.7.90 from an RPM so I
>haven't been through the compilation yet.

	Okay, well if you used an RPM first, you need to remove the rpm
first! otherwise you'll end up with 2 different installs and continue to
run the old version.  If you want to stick with the RPM method, the latest
snapshot (1.7.111) has the RPM .spec file imbedded in it, so making an rpm
from the tar.[gz|bz2] is simple and explained in the README which is
viewable from a link on the web site (

	Have any more questions about this or the process, feel free to
ask for some clarification, as this is a new feature.

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>On Tue, Jun 15, 1999 at 09:31:47AM -0500, Fisher Michael NMP" wrote:
>> Hello,
>> This is my first time on the list so please forgive me if this is another
>> stupid question from another stupid newbie.
>This should already go to the front page of W.A.O
>as a matter of fact. :) 
>> I recently upgraded to 1.7.90 and discovered that there were a bunch of
>> patches that should be added to get some of the functionality fixed. I
>> installed 1.7.90 onto RedHat 5.2 using the RPM, but all the patches are in
>> .patch format. Would somebody please give me instructions on how to get
>> patches installed?
>You put the tar file of AS into some directory.
>You put the patch files into the same directory.
>you untar the afterstep source 
>	[tar -xzf Afterstep-[version].tar.gz]
>Unzip all patches (if they are zipped)
>	gunzip 1.7.X-whatever.patch.gz
>And then apply them as follows:
>	cd Afterstep-1.7.90
>	patch -p1 < ../1.7.X-whatever.patch
>If you already compiled/configured AS before you'll
>have to run 'make distclean' in the AS directory
>(well, you do not really have to do it but, you know,
>just in case, the configure script may be patched as well)
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