Xzap-Yzap functioning??

Tracy Tilton (tilton@servercom.com)
Mon, 21 Jun 1999 01:17:05 -0500


I am using AfterStep 1.6.0 and have been trying to get the 
Xzap and Yzap settings to work.  It appears to me that whenever 
I warp to a window the cursor lands at (0,0) which means just a 
slight nudge and the focus changes to the window directly behind 
the window I just warped to.  No major problem but it is annoying.
I have changed the settings in the "feel" file from 
(Xzap,Yzap)=(12,12) to (20,20) to (40,40) and the cursor goes to 
the same place (upper left corner) every time.

I have reselected the "feel" after each change and, as well, tried
restarting afterstep and this does not seem to make a difference.

So my question is this; Could there be a conflict with some other
setting that causes X/Y-zap not to function or, maybe, this does
not work in this version.

And a second question if you don't mind.  How do you tell which "look"
and "feel" is currently being used?  The menus don't show the current 
selection (or at least mine don't.)   Is this a configuration selectable

Thanks for any help.

T. Tilton 
Linux R.U.N. 122676

Debian Distribution with
Linux kernel version: 2.0.34

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   FTP:   ftp://ftp.afterstep.org/
   MAIL:  http://www.calderasystems.com/linuxcenter/forums/afterstep.html