Re: Vertical Titlebars

Michael Burkhard (
21 Jun 1999 20:43:11 +0200 writes:

> > Is it a problem to upgrade from "version 1.6.10" to the newest release.
> > Sorry for my question, but i use linux since four month's, and i will
> > know if i need an update before i compile and make some mistakes.
> Depends of your level of experience. I don't know how stable the RPM installs 
> of the 1.7 line is (I almost never use RPMs after basic install is done) but 
> compiling should be rather easy. The main problem with compiling, is the fact 
> that you usually seem to need a new version of most graphics libraries. What 
> you are almost guaranteed to need is the devel-packages installed for the 
> libraries.

I don`t need rpm packages to install an program. My afterstep version
is compiled from the source without problems.
But i have problems to fix a problem if there is something going wrong
when i compiling an programm.

How do i uninstall the complete afterstep package?
Is it enough to remove the complete dirs in /usr/local/share, ~/G/L/A
and the binaries in /usr/local/bin ?

> Remember though that the 1.7 branch is a developer branch, and may not be 
> totally stable. (I haven't seen it crash yet though... :)

OK. I wait for an stable release, i hope soon. ;-)

P.S. Sorry for my bad english

Bye Michael