1.7 bugs/problems.

Jan Sacharuk (jan@cs.ualberta.ca)
Tue, 22 Jun 1999 09:18:15 -0600

I just recently upgraded to 1.7...mostly for the Vertical
titlebars. No better reason to change versions, in my mind. 
So, I have some problems (this is devel, after all..)
I may be rehashing some things, I don't know. If I am, point me
somewhere where I can read about it, and I'll leave you all alone. :)

1) I'm not sure if it's the folders themselves, or what's being done,
but I'm having problems with the Wharf crashing my machine. I have a
folder on my wharf that contains two items. They each run a different
xmodmap function, so that I can change the keyboard between qwerty and
dvorak. When I click on one of them, the folder manages to slide
everything about halfway in before my machine gets hammered. It's not
X freezing, my machine actually is down. Can't ping it, nothing. Did
something change in the wharf code recently? This worked as of the
last stable release.

2) I have xv running in the background, switching my background every
5 minutes. When it does the change (or even on startup), it iconifies
to the middle of the screen instead of into the IconBox. When I switch
desktops, it moves the icon into the IconBox, and if I uniconify then
reiconify it, it goes into the IconBox. Oh, and why does my IconBox
seem to fill from the bottom instead of the top now?

3) My winlist and wharf baloons are an awful green color with red text
on them, even though my winlist and wharf settings say that it
shouldn't be so. Is there a new place for the configurations for these
things? Or is it just ignoring some of my settings? The winlist seems
to be the right size, anyway.

4) My looks and feels menu items are empty. Is there a new path for
where the looks and feels go?

I think that's about it. Thanks.


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