Re: Config questions
Fri, 25 Jun 1999 03:04:51 +0200

> In my look.Name files how and where do I change the titlebar buttons and
> the double/triple click?  I'm trying to modify them back to how they were
> in previous AS version (also like how the Window Maker titlebars are).

You set the buttons in the look.Name file by using the Titlebutton command. 
essentially this is the way to set them. (cut'n'paste-time..)
# TitleButtons : [1] [3] [5] [7] [9] (title) [0] [8] [6] [4] [2]
TitleButton 1 0-icon.xpm 0-icon.xpm
TitleButton 5 0-min.xpm 0-min.xpm
TitleButton 7 0-exit.xpm 0-exit.xpm
TitleButton 3 0-shade.xpm 0-shade.xpm
# [0/1] make a space, or don't make a space (WM) beside buttons 
TitleButtonStyle	1
#  define the number of pixels between titlebar buttons
TitleButtonSpacing	0

To define click/double/triple/keys you have to edit a feel.Name file as well. 
Use one of the files that come with afterstep as a template. (Is it just me 
or is it rather silly that what you set in your look.File may make the 
settings in the feel.File non-working?)

> Also how can I get my minimize windows to collect at the bottom left
> corner as they did in previous Afterstep verions?

In the loook.File find the IconBox statement. In my look.File I use 
IconBox                 1 -64 -1 -1
and my icons end up in the bottom left corner.

> Lastly, if anyone knows, how to I have a window without a titlebar and a
> resize bar? I'm trying to have a borderless, transparent aterm that tails
> my syslog.

You have to edit the ~/G/L/A/database file. You set the settings like this:
Style   "Top"       NoTitle, NoHandles, Sticky, StaysOnBack

This will make any window with the name (not title necessary title) "Top" to 
have no handles or title bar, stay on every desktop, and stay forever behind 
other windows. This is very practical for syslog tails and such. (as you may 
guess I use it for top :) Note that you must start aterm with the -name set 
to the string you use in the database setting.

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