OT: Big Trouble!

Mike Katz (mkatz@meganet.net)
Thu, 24 Jun 1999 09:17:48 -0400

I know this is not the right place...but I also know that there are some
very experienced linux users on this list!

This morning I went to reboot my RedHat Alpha box!  I pressed the space bar
insted of the escape key on the countdown...this brought me to a milo
prompt.  I did not know how to get of of the prompt so I restarted the
server (big mistake!)

The server does not seem to want to restart...it keeps hanging at theis
"(scsi0) IO Memory at 0xc00000, MMAP Memory at 0x0"

What does this mean?  How can I get my server to boot!  I still have my boot
disk, Milo disk, and Ram disk...but I dont seem to be able to boot from the
floppys either, they also hang at the same spot!

Any help would  be GREATLY APRECIATED!  I would consider this a LIFE DEBT!



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