Re: pager and background

Thomas Andres (
Fri, 25 Jun 1999 15:55:10 +0200 (CEST)

> This is oh so wierd.
> Did you see any errors while patching sources ?

Nope. No errors.

> Did you do make clean ; configure   prior to compiling patched version ?

Nope, but I've just unpacked the 1.7.111 tarfile and applied the patches.

> Maybe you could send me screenshot of what you are getting ?

Well. I already reinstalled 1.7.111. The effect is essentially, that no
background is drawn. I can see the gpm login background instead of my
afterstep background. The only visible thing was, that my pager was in the
upper left corner instead of the upper right corner.
My system is a dual processor pentium II. Might there be some problem with

I can provide you my pager file (generated with ascp) if you think you can
find anything there. My original pager file (default with some small
changes) worked worse under 1.7.111. With the new one my pager shows the
background image, the old one was just a colored background. The funny
thing is, that I don't see any difference (concening the background)
between these two configuration.
One more question: Is it possible, that the pager is transparent? If
yes: How do I do this?


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