Re(2): Crash on new look (was:Re: pager and background)

Andrew Ferguson
Fri, 25 Jun 1999 18:15:38 -0400 writes:
>> Are you compiling with the --enable-different-looks-and-feel option? If
>> so, there is something broken in the code that handles the different
>> looks and feels.
>No, either no configure options or just --enable-gdb.  
>After working around it by not running WinList 
>different-looks-and-feel doesn't break it, 
>different-looks-and-feel just still doesn't work.

I'm running AS 1.7.115 with --enable-different-looknfeels and
--disable-savewindows. Afterstep crashes when I select a new look for me,
too. It leaves a massive core file in my working directory. I'll give it a
try tonight without --enable-different-looknfeels compiled and see what

Andrew Ferguson
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