Swallowing Pager takes very long

Christian Kaeunicke (Christian@kaeunicke.de)
Fri, 25 Jun 1999 18:07:36 +0200


I recently updated to Afterstep 1.7.116 and from then on starting my
afterstep session allways took a lot longer than before.
Everything goes as normal but when it comes to swallowing my pager my
system (the X - process, to be exact) allways needs 3-4 seconds of time
to finish swallowing my pager.

It's not a real problem as everything works fine afterwards, but I
found some error messages in my ~/.X.err file, so I thought it might be
better to tell you. (I attached my ~.X.err file to this message)

By the way: I am using my pager with only 1 desktop and 4 views.

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