aterm and vim...
Mon, 28 Jun 1999 10:46:14 +0200

Hello all.

I use vim a lot for editing DNS sones and such tasks. I recently started to 
use aterm as my default term instead of xterm, it turns out that using vim on 
aterm creates som undesirable results:

1. Backspace no longer works. Gives ^? (TERM=xterm) or nothing at all 
(TERM=vt100). Must use Ctrl+H.

2. When editing on a line, the edited text shows up far to the right on the 
line. (8 characters from the right side of the term)
This does however seem to occur only when I use vim over a remote shell from 
the HP-UX server. When I edit locally, this problem does not occur.

Frank Ronny Larsen --