Re: aterm and vim...
Mon, 28 Jun 1999 12:03:14 +0200

> I run a RedHat distro, which has the same probs with key bindings..
> you can run showkey to find the key binding you need..
> ie. type showkey and then press the delete key. It will give you the
> keycode.
> Now edit the src/config.h file (I think that's the one) , and change the
> default DELELTE and BACKSPACE keycodes to the ones you got from showkey..
> I had to do it with mine and it now works fine.

I forgot to mention that my workstation is a Redhat distro. :)

I was unable to find a practical way to enter any keycodes. 
In config.h the following was defined:
/* Define if you don't want support for the backspace key */
/* #undef NO_BACKSPACE_KEY */

/* Define if you don't want support for the (non-keypad) delete key */
/* #undef NO_DELETE_KEY */

Checking the README gives "./configure --disable-backspace-key 
--disable-delete-key", which disables aterm's handling, and let's the xserver 
do it. This seems to fix the back-space problem.

Running vim via remote shell to an HP-UX 10.20 machine, still produce so many 
output bugs that it is impossible to use. It's like typing without visual 
feedback. :(