Re: aterm and vim...
Mon, 28 Jun 1999 12:09:53 +0200

> I know I am not being very helpful but I use vim and aterm
> all the time for editing DNS records. I never experienced
> any of the problems you describe either locally or being
> ssh'd to another host. I think some settings must be 
> screwed up big time, it is not due to the aterm itself...

There's no problem editing them on any Linux box, it's the HP-UX that seems 
to cause problems. (Now there's something new...NOT). I checked with rxvt, 
and the exact same problem occured, so this is nothing new to aterm. (Isn't 
aterm based on rxvt?)

Anyway. I'll just stick with plain xterms when doing remote connects to HP 
machines. Probably the easiest solution. :)

Frank Ronny Larsen -