Bug Report: Green tinted images in 1.7.90

Mon, 7 Jun 1999 09:45:08 -0500

>Howdy folks:

>I have a bug to report... On my SGI O2, using 1.7.90 at 24 bit color,
>pager gradients and jpg background images are green tinted.
>Interestingly, XPM background images are *not* tinted green.  To
>reproduce the bug, attempt to put a JPG image on your background, or to
>use gradients in Pager.  I have a hunch this is a problem in libasimage,
>but I'm not sure I'd bet the house on it.

The problem is that some X servers has different XImage format, like different
byte order for color components. Problem is that AfterStep is directly relying
on this image format for different image related operations, due to performance
I have tried to work around those exceptions, while writing libasimage, but
not all of them. Unfortunately I'm not able to debug it, as I don't have SGI and
X server of yours, so you will have to wait for somebody in posession of goods
fix it. Meanwhile , if you have any programming skills at all, you can try
back door, that I left in code in anticipation of possible problems :

To use it, add the following line somewhere into configure.h :


and rebuild/reinstall afterstep :
make clean; make; make install

Let me know if it'll work or not.
Also please try transparent background with and without tinting,
in aterm, and/or afterstep and see if you see eimilar effects.

I would really appreciate your input on that.

>I checked the mailing list archives and didn't see that there was a fix
>for this, so if there is, I apologize for the spam! :)
I wish everybody would post spam like that - I'd vote to legalize it then  ;)


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