Re: default winlist

Oystein Viggen (
08 Jun 1999 12:37:29 +0200

Keith Feldt wrote: 

> You were close.  I think the files you're after are in 
> /usr/shared/afterstep/fixed/start/
> Also be aware that Red Hat 5.2 will automatically update your start 
> menu when you install new apps.  I believe this problem is covered 
> thoroughly in the Afterstep FAQ.
> > 1) Where are the default startmenu files, the stuff I want to modify 
> is
> >    NOT in ~/G/L/A/start.  I did find a "startmenu" in /u/s/a/s, but it
> >    doesn't look exactly like my startmenu.

If you copy the files from /u/s/a to ~/G/L/A, AfterStep will use the
files there instead. 

This is a smart thing to do if your computer has more than one
AfterStep user, since these users will then be able to have different
configurations. (You configure the files in ~/G/L/A, the files in
/u/s/a are left unused.)

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