Re: more errors

Doug Alcorn (
13 Jun 1999 21:06:52 -0400

"Rex A. Roof" <> writes:

> alright, I got the patch to work, just by 
> adding that line by myself.
> and, now, well, it doesn't work.
> no errors, but afterstep opens up, 
> the background gets set this time, but no
> modules seem to load.  animate might, but, I can't 
> really tell.  and I can't get to the menu when 
> I click...   I tried firing up an Xterm from a virtual
> terminal and got nothing.
> no errors from anywhere.
> any ideas?

Start X without a window manager (only have something like 'xterm' in
you .xsession).  Then start afterstep from the command line.  All the
output from the AS startup procedure will go to that term.  This way
you can see what is happening.  Alternatively, you can 'startx >
startx.out 2>&1' and then look at that file after you get started up
to see the same errors.  

This will at least give us some indication as to what is happening.

 (__)  Doug Alcorn
 oo /