alt-tab freezes AS, no vertical iconbox?

Albert Dorofeev (
Mon, 14 Jun 1999 14:46:20 +0200


I am sorry if this has been reported already.
Try this: (make sure you have a way to kill X)

	open 2 xterms
	iconify both
	press alt-tab

the processor load goes to 100 and AS is frozen.
I have Alt-tab defined as by default to circulate
windows. I have the option CirculateSkipIcons set.
It is same in both 1.7.49 and 1.7.111

Second: I have the definition for the IconBox:
IconBox                 5 5 80 -200
It worked fine in 1.7.49 but in 1.7.111 all icons
are simply put in the top-left corner. What gives?


Albert Dorofeev
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