Re: domain name

David Mihm (
Thu, 29 Jul 1999 11:44:38 -0500 (CDT)

On Thu, 29 Jul 1999, Joel Smith wrote:

>> >Ahh, we don't mind keeping the mailing list here for awhile, we just don't
>> >see any reason to be the registrants of the domain.  Also, we don't mind
>> >hosting it until you get a machine.  We're flexible.  The folks upstairs
>> >won't justify paying the $35 anymore.
>I lied.  I just asked the folks upstais, and they said it would be much easier
>for us to just pay it than to really worry.  After all, it's jsut $35!
>>         Ok, that would be great.  I'll be more than happy to incur the
>> debt for the domain name.  You can fax the information to 405.321.0517 .
>> Thanks for continuing to host it, while I find someone who can take over
>> the job.
>Anyway, we're going to just go ahead and pay it.  Keep in touch with me to
>switch it over to you guys when you're ready.

	I'd like to express my thanks to Caldera Systems for continuing to
provide many "behind the scenes services" to the AfterStep community -
DNS, general mailing, and email aliasing.  While we do not have the
resources currently to maintain all that is required to knit together a
development team and it's users, we rely on the generous support of
companies like Caldera Inc..  At which time we find an appropriate host to
transfer these services to, we will do so.

	Thanks again to the "folks upstairs" for all the support!

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