Apps in foreground

Marc Owen (
Thu, 1 Jul 1999 04:32:31 +0200 (CEST)


First of all, sorry for this undoubtly very stupid question I'm going to
ask - but I can't find a newbie-list here, so... heh.

I'm using the lastest version of afterstep (1.7.90), and
everything works fine, except I always get my pager, winlist and wharf on
top of my application windows. This is quite annoying, as (for example)
this makes using my scrollbar in Netscape impossible :). If I click on the
window's title bar, it comes on top (above everything else), wharf UNDER
it, but when Netscape gives a msgbox (like the 'warning, the information
you're about to send is possibly blah blah blah') or a 'save-as' box, it
stays under the Netscape-window too. This sucks, as I sometimes sit there
for hours waiting for a submission-confirm box that never comes :). How
can I put wharf, pager & stuff in background, my application on top? The
'to foreground / to background' from the menu doesn't seem to help a lot.

Marc Owen

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