Re: WM buttons

Thu, 15 Jul 1999 20:29:58 +0200 (CEST)

Le 15-Jul-99 David Mihm racontais : 
>       Yes, this is what Morif hints and Gnome hints do.  If you notice
>  that when you have Motif hints allowed in the feel file, and opent eh
>  Preferences box of Netscape (a Motif app), the minimize button is not on
>  the title bar.
>       If you are wanting to know how to write an app to do this, I would
>  pressume that since AfterStep only supports Motif and Gnome hints, then
>  you'll have to do it in Motif or Gnome, and I would also pressume that it
>  would be thusly documented in either of those code "manuals".

Thank you. I actually want to know how to write an app to do this. I'll look
for those motif and gnome hints.

Eric GAUDET (Eric GAUDET <>)
Le 15-Jul-99 a 20:28:05
"Free the mallocs !"