1.7.111 PATCH 11 Warning

Tue, 20 Jul 1999 09:45:43 -0500

This patch is featuring quite some changes to the way afterstep works and
So be sure and read ChangeLog and man pages for Pager and stetroot  if you dare
apply this patch.

Here is the list of changes :
1. Pager no longer loads root background images.
2. Root backgrounds are loaded by asetroot.
3. Pager still has the capabilities to switch backgrounds when desk is changed,
by utilizing images loaded by asetroot. This can be turned off by adding
 *PagerDontDrawBG to pager config
4. autoexec file must be modifyed to run asetroot on startup.
5. asetroot config file format has changed dramatically.
5. asetroot can be run in several modes - as resident and one time.

 PLEASE consult MAN PAGES, and sample config files for more information.


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