Afterstep click-to-close and feel/look reload

Mark Schreiber (
Sun, 1 Aug 1999 01:33:54 -0400 (EDT)

Two questions: first, is there any way with the current code to get
AfterStep's "delete" title bar button to act like a Mac or Win box?
Currently, clicking on the delete titlebar button simply turns the pointer
into a kill cursor, which will kill whatever window it's released on.  
I'd like to see moving the mouse cursor anywhere off the delete button
causing the delete to be canceled.  Is this possible?

If someone else is in the same dilemma (you've killed some window that you
didn't intend to), you might be interested in my stopgap solution.  Add
this to your feel file:

Function "Cancelable-Delete"
 Delete "Click"
 Beep "Motion"

and then change the Delete operation of the button to be
Function "Cancelable-Delete"

This way, if you move the mouse or hesitate in clicking the close box at
all, your machine will beep and cancel closing the window.  Not ideal, but
IMHO better than the current method.  Try it -- it's a lot nicer that I
originally thought it would be.

My second question: do the update look and feel commands currently work?
(I'm using 1.7.90).  If I modify an existing feel, it seems like I have to
change to another feel, then back for the feel to be updated.  Simply
choosing "Update feel" doesn't seem to have any effect.  :-(

Best of luck,
Mark Schreiber