Re: problem after aterm upgrade

Michael Stenner (
Tue, 24 Aug 1999 08:41:13 -0400

On Tue, Aug 24, 1999 at 07:57:38AM -0400, Michael Stenner wrote:
> I just upgraded from aterm 0.3.4 to 0.3.6 and the transparency has
> stopped working under certain conditions.
> It works fine for "normal" use, but fails when used with mutt
> (compiled with slang 1.3.7).  For those who may be unfamiliar with it,
> mutt colors text contextually, but can preserve the "default"
> background.  Mutt did (and still does) work fine with aterm 0.3.4.
> xemacs also colors text (in aterm) and the transparency works
> correctly there.  
> Any ideas? (other than "switch back to 0.3.4" :)

	I discovered that the environment variables COLORTERM and
	COLORFGBG were not being set the same way, so I made sure
	to set them explicitly everywhere I could (.bash_login,
	.bashrc) and now I can get the transparancy to work with mutt
	if I use the following kludge.

It does not work when I start it as
	aterm -tr -e mutt

but if I do
	aterm -tr -e muttstart

where muttstart is the following script:
export COLORFGBG='11;default;0'
exec mutt

it works just fine.  Now, let me reiterate that the line
export COLORFGBG='11;default;0' 
appears in both my .bash_login and my .bashrc and the ONLY time the
transparency doesn't work is when I start mutt via the -e option to

How can I get programs executed via the -e to find my environment

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