Pager in Wharf causes errors??

Jeroen Asselman (
Tue, 24 Aug 1999 20:49:57 +0000

Hello all,

I have got my pagers swallowed into my wharf with:
*Wharf WPager - SwallowModule "WPager" WPager 0
*Wharf XPager - SwallowModule "XPager" XPager 1
*Wharf YPager - SwallowModule "YPager" YPager 2
*Wharf ZPager - SwallowModule "ZPager" ZPager 3

However, When I switch to another desk, the pager I click on just
exists..I don't get an error, it just exists...
This doesn't happen when I don't swallow eg... when I use WPager 0 &
from the command line it keeps on living (I always do this after the
other pagers have died, so perhaps that's the reason why it keeps on
Does someone know why this happens?? I load 2 quite big backgrounds and
2 small ones... however I am using the asetroot for handling my
My AfterStep version is
I don't know about any earlier versions becaused than I used the gnome
pager applet... However, I didn't want gnome to take all my memory
that's why I switched back to the small afterstep modules...

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