Re: Afterstep click-to-close and feel/look reload

Andrew Sullivan (
Sun, 1 Aug 1999 11:52:13 -0400 (EDT)


Your solution to the delete-window button is a nice one.  I think you
should be able to get rid of the "beep" function there, although I can't
remember how to send a "do nothing" command.  The man pages will be
helpful here.  Anyway, your way _is_ the right way to change this

I'm not certain I understand the second problem.  Sorry.


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On Sun, 1 Aug 1999, Mark Schreiber wrote:

> Two questions: first, is there any way with the current code to get
> AfterStep's "delete" title bar button to act like a Mac or Win box?
> Currently, clicking on the delete titlebar button simply turns the pointer
> into a kill cursor, which will kill whatever window it's released on.  
> I'd like to see moving the mouse cursor anywhere off the delete button
> causing the delete to be canceled.  Is this possible?
> If someone else is in the same dilemma (you've killed some window that you
> didn't intend to), you might be interested in my stopgap solution.  Add
> this to your feel file:
> Function "Cancelable-Delete"
>  Delete "Click"
>  Beep "Motion"
> EndFunction
> and then change the Delete operation of the button to be
> Function "Cancelable-Delete"
> This way, if you move the mouse or hesitate in clicking the close box at
> all, your machine will beep and cancel closing the window.  Not ideal, but
> IMHO better than the current method.  Try it -- it's a lot nicer that I
> originally thought it would be.
> My second question: do the update look and feel commands currently work?
> (I'm using 1.7.90).  If I modify an existing feel, it seems like I have to
> change to another feel, then back for the feel to be updated.  Simply
> choosing "Update feel" doesn't seem to have any effect.  :-(
> Best of luck,
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