Re: Afterstep click-to-close and feel/look reload

David Mihm (
Sun, 1 Aug 1999 13:24:26 -0500 (CDT)

On Sun, 1 Aug 1999, Mark Schreiber wrote:

>Two questions: first, is there any way with the current code to get
>AfterStep's "delete" title bar button to act like a Mac or Win box?
>Currently, clicking on the delete titlebar button simply turns the pointer
>into a kill cursor, which will kill whatever window it's released on.  
>I'd like to see moving the mouse cursor anywhere off the delete button
>causing the delete to be canceled.  Is this possible?

	Unless I'm not understaning this question/comment correctly.... As
it is now, if you click on the "X" (Close) button and hols th mouse, then
that skull and crossbones appears.  When you move the mouse off the window
(and onto desktop) no window will be closed/killed.  Likewise if you move
the mouse off that window and onto another window, it will then close/kill
that window.  So, either I'm misunderstanding your problem, or you were
unawars of this, or your desktop is too crowded. 

>My second question: do the update look and feel commands currently work?
>(I'm using 1.7.90).  If I modify an existing feel, it seems like I have to
>change to another feel, then back for the feel to be updated.  Simply
>choosing "Update feel" doesn't seem to have any effect.  :-(

	the Update look & Update feel menu items were removed, as they did
not do what you expected.  If you simply edit your look/feel and then
select it from the menu, it will then become activated with the most
recent changes.  There is no need to slecect another look/feel then the
one you just edited.

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