Question to the developers

Julian Catchen (
Tue, 03 Aug 1999 10:59:10 -0400

Hello Everyone!

I have a few questions:

Since it has been a while since the web page was updated, what is the
current state of development of Afterstep and the various modules
(pager, animate, winlist, wharf, zharf, etc...)?

The main reason that I ask this question is to inquire whether any of
the developers are looking for additional help, and more importantly,
additional people to work on a particular project or task.

I have been following the development of afterstep since around 1.4 and
watched it go through many changes.  However, the more complete it looks
to me, the more serious the development effort seems to get.  So it has
(to my knowledge) been a while since this inquiry has been made.  Fill
us in!

Thanks to all the developers for afterstep...

julian catchen

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