RE:Question to the developers
Tue, 3 Aug 1999 11:36:41 -0500

>Hello Everyone!

>I have a few questions:
>Since it has been a while since the web page was updated, what is the
>current state of development of Afterstep and the various modules
>(pager, animate, winlist, wharf, zharf, etc...)?

You could join developers mailing list if you are really interested in
development progress and ideas disscussed.
Sorry I don't remember how to join it :) - Ethan Fischer knows that.

Here is the outline of the developments since 1.6 :

1. Shared database of the look information, allowing usage of any MyStyle
in any module and dynamic update of the look of the screen.

2. Several additional options for Styles in database  : most notably - layers
and MyStyles.

3. most of the modules converted to use MyStyles from the look for background
and balloons.

4. Better swallowing code in Wharf.

5. rewritten Pager and WinList.

6. asetroot - all AfterStep background image loading is done here now, Pager
can merely use information loaded by asetroot.

7. some redundand module code was moved into libafterstep. ( some modules
 are yet to be updated )

8. Improved libasimage with tinting and shading and transparency support.

9. Unifyed config parser, allowing for unifyed method of describing and reading
config files. It allows for reading and writing of config with comments
Only Pager and asetroot has been converted to use this

10. new gradients code (with dithering if needed) and color allocation code -
base code is completed and main afterstep code needs to be changed to use this.

11. Frame decoration for windows

I can't remember - there was many more changes - read ChangeLog.

>The main reason that I ask this question is to inquire whether any of
>the developers are looking for additional help, and more importantly,
>additional people to work on a particular project or task.

Yes we do need developers!
Currently we have only two developers  - me and Ethan, and Ethan does not seems
have much time.
And we have a long list of things TODO. Here is the extract of one of my latest
letters on as-devel
mailing list :

I don't know about you folks, but my personal ambitions for 1.8, that yet to be
are :

1. Better gradients ( almost done )
2. Image scaling with pixel averaging (will partly use same code as new
gradients ).
3. Fixed window movement in Pager.
4. Converting everything into new parser config reading-writing
( some notes about using XML for config follows in other letter ).
5. Converting all the modules into using new module code from libafterstep.
6. ASTheme module - for theme support.

taking on account current speed of development - it may jolly well take
all the way up to Christmass, before 1.8 comes out.

>I have been following the development of afterstep since around 1.4 and
>watched it go through many changes.  However, the more complete it looks
>to me, the more serious the development effort seems to get.  So it has
>(to my knowledge) been a while since this inquiry has been made.  Fill
>us in!

>Thanks to all the developers for afterstep...

>julian catchen