Re: root-tail or newer?

Oystein Viggen (
10 Aug 1999 20:27:55 +0200

Frederick Bruckman wrote: 

> Exactly. In ~/.xsession, "exec afterstep" -> "exec ssh-agent afterstep".
> Now you invoke "ssh-add", type the passphrase for your key when
> prompted, and every child of ssh-agent (afterstep) will have access to
> your private key. Thus "ssh" will work transparently. When you exit
> afterstep, ssh-agent quits too, your session ends, and your key is
> once again inaccessible.

If you use a key without a passphrase, you will not need to use
ssh-add, either. This is of course _very_ dangerous if you are not
sure what you are doing. If somebody compromises your account, or root 
on your machine, they also have your account on the other machine.

It's practical if you for example want to run asload on the other
machine in your wharf. If you use a passphrase, you will have to run
ssh-add before afterstep.

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