Re: Why AS

Doug Alcorn (
10 Aug 1999 16:57:31 -0400

Cristian R Nastase <> writes:

> The question is WHY AFTERSTEP. I real all the FAQ listed on
> and I did not find anything to convince that AS is one
> of the best choice. Further more the WM site is very pushy in a sense that
> it promotes WM against AS. They have also a similar desktop but...which is
> the best ?

I don't want to fan a window manager flame war.  However, AS provides
a nice set of features for the amount of memory and processor that it
requires.  WM has nice features, E has nice features.  The point is to 
try one and see how you like it.  Set it up and customize it to look
the way you want.  If you find something annoying, how easy is it to
change?  A window manager is more than just a feature set.  How well
does the user community respond to questions or bugs?  These are all
personal, subjective things you have to decide.  Like most things
Linux, you just have to jump in and try it.  The main point is that
you _can_ have multiple window manager and can customize them the way
you like.

BTW, you might check the version of AS that came with RH 5.2 versus
the latest stable and latest devel snapshots.  We haven't had a stable 
snapshot update in a while, but the devel stuff is pretty solid.  The
version that shipped with RH 5.2 was broke right out of the box.  Make 
sure you are not using 1.5.x; at least use 1.6.10 or > 1.7.100
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