Re: Why AS

Doug Alcorn (
10 Aug 1999 18:18:23 -0400

Darren Eckhoff <> writes:

>   The reason I am hesitant to upgrade is because IT WORKS SO WELL!
> Now maybe I'm the exception, but I'd hate to upgrade, patch, re-patch,
> re-re-patch, and still find out that something that worked fine before
> now pukes when you activate the smallest of bugs.
>   Are the features in 1.6.x or 1.7.x such that it warrents upgrading
> from a problemless 1.5.x to a 95% working release?

I did a _lot_ of support back in the 1.5.x and early 1.6.x days.  Red
Hat took one of our pre 1.5 beta releases and renamed it to 1.5.0.
There were a lot of features that we got working before we actually
shipped 1.6.0.  Most of the _really_ cool aestetic stuff is after the
RH 1.5.0 rpm.  The beta versions of 1.5 were released as the stable
1.6.x tree.

If the rpm shipped with RH 5.2 works OK for you.  Don't upgrade.
However, if you see cool screen shots and say, "How do I do that?" We
will immediatly reply, "Upgrade."  Sorry.  I wish RH had included one
of our 1.6.x rpm as an update, but they didn't.

 (__)  Doug Alcorn
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