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Albert Dorofeev (
Thu, 12 Aug 1999 11:56:03 +0200

On Tue, Aug 10, 1999 at 04:16:39PM -0400, Cristian R Nastase wrote:
> The question is WHY AFTERSTEP. I real all the FAQ listed on
> and I did not find anything to convince that AS is one
> of the best choice. Further more the WM site is very pushy in a sense that
> it promotes WM against AS. They have also a similar desktop but...which is
> the best ?

There is no such thing as "the best". It just does not exist.
If you ask different people they will all argue that a yet
another window manager is the best. What they mean is it is
best for their purposes. So, suit your purposes.

If you ask me, I like AfterStep because it is small, fast and
very easy to configure. It is developed by a very small team
of people who do not claim it is their own. The developers
are (most time) happy to introduce features and improvements
on the request of users. It is also fancy. I have yet to see
another window manager that allows you to have such a wide
range of appearances. It is like with Belgian beer. There are
so many beers that you are bound to find one you like if you
look for it. The same here - if you spend time learning how
to configure it, you'll find a particular configuration that
will be to your taste. And it will be different from everybody
else. Flexibility of some sort, you see. For me personally
AfterStep combines the best of all worlds, so to say.

You say that Window Maker has a similar desktop to AfterStep.
I would like to point out that Window Maker has one desktop
which is NeXT-alike. On the other hand, AfterStep has many
possible desktops with NeXT-alike being one of them. Of course,
we all like NeXT desktop and we all use it or some features
of it in our configurations but it would be a mistake to point
to one configuration and say "this is what AfterStep looks like."

As for the promotional materials, AfterStep is not really
involved in the war between the window managers. We have
enough on our hands without going into lengthy discussions
of AS vs. WM. I get pissed off sometimes at the WM people
behaviour - the pushy behaviour you point out - but nothing
much happens otherwise :) I might start a page to put all
the comments people send in response to your query together
for AS advocacy though...

With all due respect to all other window managers,

Albert Dorofeev
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