Re: AS without XPMs

Ethan (
Thu, 12 Aug 1999 10:51:55 -0700 (PDT)

On Thu, 12 Aug 1999, Sarwat Khan wrote:

> So, I'd like to convert all the .xpms to PNG files. I'll handle that 
> on my own, but what about AfterStep? How much do I need to change? 
> Would it be good enough to just use awk on the look/ files and 
> replace .xpm with .png?

If AfterStep successfully found and linked with libpng, then yes.  You'll 
need to put the replacement images in your PixmapPath somewhere (wherever 
their xpm equivalents are would be a good place :), and make sure all the 
config files point to the png versions.

> A few sources included 'malloc.h'. That's not kept in /usr/include 
> (or wherever), it's in 
> /System/Library/Frameworks/System.framework/bsd/src/). Yay. Usually 
> you use ProjectBuilder to build tools and it handles the dumb details 
> for you.

I'm not sure why malloc.h was included directly; normally stdlib.h is 
used to declare malloc() and friends.  I've changed all ocurrences of 
malloc.h to stdlib.h except the one in src/Script/, which, as 
it's supposed to be generated by yacc, shouldn't be hand edited in the 
distro.  The change will be included in my next patch.

> It would be cool if this kind of thing were taken into consideration. 
> I needed to change a ton of makefiles; it would have been cool if 
> there was an easy way to get configure to make the proper ones for me 
> (I couldn't see one). I just had to throw out some stuff (-lm, 
> -ljpeg, -lpng, etc) and add different stuff (-framework OmniPNG).

Every Makefile in AfterStep includes one (or more) of the Makefiles in 
the autoconf dir.  Likely a change to those Makefiles would have been 

> maX is still in development, and it's kinda buggy. I've just 
> installed the thing so that I can dabble in X programming once in a 
> while. Since I've got MOSXS I really don't need X apps (and I doubt 
> I'll try installing any more).

Sounds like you went to a lot of work to get AS compiled on your system.  
Would you be willing to fix up AfterStep's configure system to detect 
and work on MOSXS, or write a document describing what to do to get AS 
compiled?  If so, send it to me and I'll include it in the distro.

Ethan Fischer