Re: Simple pager question
Fri, 30 Jul 1999 16:23:36 -0500

>I think that it is defined by your active and inactive window colors.
>From the pager man page:
>The Pager module shows a miniature view of the Afterstep desktops which
>are specified in the command line. This is a useful reminder of where
>your active windows are.
>****Windows in the pager are shown in the same color as their afterstep

If you'd look at the beginning of man page, describing various MyStyles
supported, you'll see that you can define your own MyStyle for window
representations in Pager, different from actual colors that you see in
decorations of windows by AfterStep. That is usefull if you use large pixmaps
window decoration - and they look bad in Pager. So you can define separate
styles for this type of windows, to be shown in Pager.
Available styles are :

"*PagerUWindowStyle" - for unfocused windows
"*PagerSWindowStyle" - for sticky windows
"*PagerFWindowStyle" - for focused windows

>"Christian B. Wiik" wrote:
>> How do I change the colors on the inactive windows in the Pager?
>> I can't find it in the ~/G/L/A/pager file. They seem to like staying
>> grey :-)
>> The active ones are no problem.