Re: Why AS

Oystein Viggen (
12 Aug 1999 22:46:53 +0200

Cristian R Nastase wrote: 

> Anyway, as I am new in Linux world a lot a questions are comming up every
> moment. Since few days I've tried to look at all the sites related with AS
> for a download. In fact I wish to download the latest version 1.7. But I
> end up extremely confused. Basicly I could not find a new version(even1.6)
> in RPM format ready for download. Indeed I've tried on the official site
> but seems that RPM 1.6 version is incomplete. My Glint does not
> recognize it. And so on.
> Does anybody know where exactly I can find a RPM version older than 1.6 ?

Actually compiling an installing AS from the source is extremely
easy. Just grab the source, unpack it and follow the instructions in
'INSTALL' or 'README'. (basically it's 'make' and then 'make

Just remember to remove the old .rpm first.

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