Christian B. Wiik (
13 Aug 1999 13:20:07 +0200

I have a small problem with the .workspace_state "function". Two of my 
Wharfed applications; wmxmms and licq both have some sort of dock-app
that is linked to the main application.

When shutting down Afterstep these two applications get saved in the
workspace_state file, and on next startup I get these applications on
my desktop in addition to those in the Wharf.

Licq and its icon is both in the same executable, and I can understand 
why Afterstep sees this as a normal window. But wmxmms is a standalone 
executable that only shows an icon, starts xmms when clicked and then
communicates with xmms.

Is there some way to avoid this besides killing the two applications
before shutdown, or reconfiguring Afterstep?

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