Re: workspace_state

David Mihm (
Fri, 13 Aug 1999 09:27:47 -0500 (CDT)

On 13 Aug 1999, Christian B. Wiik wrote:

>[Frederick Bruckman <>]
>| AFAIK, there are no session managers that do a perfect job of saving
>| state. The nice thing about Afterstep is that .workspace_state is a
>| shell script, which can be edited. I find it easy enough to twiddle it
>| to do exactly what I want, and then lock it down with "chmod a-r". Of
>| course it never changes unless I want it to. Works for me.
>In other words: I can empty the file and remove the read-rights? Wont
>this produce some error messages?

	While "locking the file down" will work, You can simply edit the
autoexec file and have it not sh the script.  So reguardless of what gets
saved, it won't be read on startup.  Another method to turn this option
of, is to run ./configure with the --disable-savewindows option; thus
AfterStep will not save states.

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