Re: Simple pager question

Christian B. Wiik (
30 Jul 1999 23:35:30 +0200

| If you'd look at the beginning of man page, describing various MyStyles
| supported, you'll see that you can define your own MyStyle for window
| representations in Pager, different from actual colors that you see in
| decorations of windows by AfterStep. That is usefull if you use large pixmaps
| for
| window decoration - and they look bad in Pager. So you can define separate
| styles for this type of windows, to be shown in Pager.
| Available styles are :
| "*PagerUWindowStyle" - for unfocused windows
| "*PagerSWindowStyle" - for sticky windows
| "*PagerFWindowStyle" - for focused windows

I can't find this. Is this a good time to mention that I'm running
"only" 1.6.10 ? I'm beginning to believe that this is 1.7.* stuff?

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