break the desk 0 mob! ...and anti-intuitive desk keys

Alexy Khrabrov (
Fri, 13 Aug 1999 17:59:46 -0400 (EDT)

For some reason, AS puts all the xterms on desk 1,
regardless of where I opened them.  Since I have a
red-colored root nxterm on desk 2, I hate to
catapult it there manually upon every AS launch.
Same applies to Netscape.

(Netscape also shrinks to a thin slice, but I
guess that's an NS problem?  The slice migrates to
the desk 0 also, annoyingly.)

I have different desks allocated for different
tasks.  As such, I use them a lot, and here are my
questions/complaints.  I have been away from the
list for a while, so if you posted an answer
before, just hint a searcheable quote please, and
sorry for redundancies.

1.  Within each desk, there are originally 4
    quadrants.  In RH5.2 1,5.x AS, there was a 2x3
    single desk pager.  In 1.6, it refuses to make
    any desks but 2x2, ignoring that parameter,
    although obeying the number of desks and pager
    layout and fonts.  Why is that?

2.  Switching between desks is counterintuitive
    when compared with switching between
    quadrants.  With the quadrants, arrow keys are
    relative; with the desks, they are hard-wired!
    I could understand that if the desks can be
3.  in the reverse T pattern (can they?), but I
    prefer to keep the pager stripe vertical to
    save space.
4.  BTW, can I hide/show pager at will?...  

5.  So is there a way to make Ctrl-Shift-<arrow>
    to go through desks in order, not bring you to
    the same fixed desk for each arrow?

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