Re: workspace_state

Oystein Viggen (
13 Aug 1999 20:06:41 +0200

"Christian B. Wiik" wrote: 

> Is there some way to avoid this besides killing the two applications
> before shutdown, or reconfiguring Afterstep?

I usually setup my desktop once by putting aterms where I want them
autostarted, exit Afterstep, and then chown the .workspace_state-file
to root. This way I always keep my preferred setup, and don't have to
kill netscape when it opens as an 1x10 window or something like that.

This of course does not work for you if you want other changes to be
saved every time.

Another way of doing it, would be to put a .workspace_state-cleaner in 
your autoexec-file that runs before .workspace_state and does
something along the lines of:
cat .workspace_state |grep -v xmms |grep -v licq >tempfile
mv tempfile .workspace_state
chmod +x .workspace_state

Crude, yes, but I believe it should work.

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