Re: No Edgescroll while moving window?

Chris Lee (
Mon, 16 Aug 1999 19:15:33 PDT

>Hello David
> >>Is it possible to disallow edgescroll while moving a window. I 
> >sometimes
> >>want to move a window to the top of the screen. With edgescroll it
> >       EdgeScroll really only affects windows while they are >moving.
> > According to the well crafted man pages, "... Setting EdgeScroll >to 0 0
> > will disable scrolling ...."
>I don't want to fully disable edgescrolling. I really like that >feature. I
>just want to disallow it while I am moving around windows using the >mouse.
>   --== Jerri ==--

Look into the feel files, try setting something like Mouse1 to EdgeScroll 0 
0.  I'm really not sure what this will do when you let off of the mouse, but 
there's documentation in the ManPages like David said.


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