AS-1.7.126 installation problems

Mehul N. Sanghvi (
Tue, 17 Aug 1999 22:28:34 -0400 (EDT)


   I downloaded AfterStep-1.7.126 the other day,  built it, and am
running into problems.  I used to have 1.6.6 or something like that
installed.  That worked fine, but I wanted themes and stuff.  Plus I
plan on moving up to GNOME soon as well.  

   Here's what happens.  On start up (I use XDM and a .xsession file),
I end up waiting for about 7-10 minutes before anything starts to
happen.  There is still some more work to be by afterstep by the time
I see the TitleBar and Borders.  I figure it is trying to rebuild the
start menu.  I built the thing to not do that.

      The order is SORTBYALPHA.  And I am forcing certain things by
doing 1_Netscape, etc.  These do not seem to be taking hold.  I get a
start menu with everything messed up in the order.  The nop's show up
first, then everything else.  I was under the impression that using
the numbering scheme would alter things even if the sorting order is
ALPHA.  Am I mistaken ?

      The start menu also does not show up with the Look and Feel
subtrees.  Those directories do exist, and do have files in them.  

      I get no Button in the TitleBar either.  I used to get them

     What is going wrong ?



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