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Albert Dorofeev (albert@tigr.net)
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I was cleaning up my mailbox and found this mail 
I apparently missed a long time ago and never
answered. I am rather ashamed of this mishap
but I am also curious since I never heard of
this particular problem. Can anyone shed some
light here, please? Is there such a restriction?
Or was there in any earlier versions?

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I am working on a Senior Design project for school that deals with having a single utility to update the menus of various window managers.  AfterStep is one of the window managers that we are going to support.  However I notice an odd "bug" when I generate the new menus.  I keep getting an error saying that I can't have more than 50 Popups ... and everytime I ensure that there are less than 50 (sub)menus the error goes away.  So my question is this:  How do I tell AfterStep to allow there to be more than 50 (sub)menus?  Thanks a lot for you help.

Bill Church

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