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Fri, 3 Sep 1999 12:02:28 -0400 (EDT)

In fact, I _can_ tell you what's going on here.  Debian has done what RH
has also done, which is to alter the AS package without putting proper
notices in the changelog (or, at least, without making their changes clear
for later versions).

The problem is that Debian, like RH, likes to control X window managers
system-wide, and to adjust their menus for a common menu across all wm's.
That's what the Debian menu item comes from.

This is somehow contoleed by some setting in /etc/X11/*, but I haven't
figured out which one.  I'm using Debian now, so once I figure it out,
I'll post more details here.  My belief, however, is that it's contoleed
by a file under /etc/X11/afterstep; that's the first place I'd look.
(Knowing that the AS version included with Deb was older, I didn't install
it here at home.  At work, however, I get the same behaviour as you do.)

One of the great disadvantages of Deb and RH package management, I think,
is that they usually just use the default man pages.  They shouldn't; 
instead, they should make an addendum saying something like "Debian [or
whoever] varies from this man page.  See [something] for details."  The
/usr/doc/afterstep stuff that I've seen on my machine is just incomplete,
and I find it pretty annoying. 


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On Thu, 2 Sep 1999 mac12@andante.STUDENT.CWRU.Edu wrote:

> One of the reasons I went with AfterStep was it was easy to configure, and
> that I could configure it by editing self-explanatory files.  I am rather
> flaberghasted to find a 'non-configurable' directory in the new version I
> just installed (version 1.6).  Can anyone tell me what this directory does
> for a living, and why I should stay away from it?
> Well, actually, I probably would have left it be if it weren't for the
> fact that I believe it is causing me grief.  I have configured a simple
> start menu, with all the afterstep stuff in a submenu.  However, there is
> one annoying little greyed out option that is always at the top called
> Debian.  Nothing in my directory structure says anything about debian, and
> the only two places where I could find any reference to debian were in
> ~/GNUstep/library/AfterStep/non-configurable/startmenu,
> where there was a fragment that looked like this:
> PopUp "Start"
>  Title "start"
> PopUp "Debian" /Debian
>  MiniPixmap "mini-menu.xpm"
>  PopUp "MyPrograms" 2
>  MiniPixmap "mini-folder.xpm"
>  PopUp "AfterStep" 3
>  MiniPixmap "mini-folder.xpm"
>  EndPopUp
> That really confused the heck out of me, since i never mentioned anything
> about Debian, and /Debian does not exist.
> The other place where I found a reference to Debian is in
> /etc/menu-methods/afterstep
> startmenu:   "PopUp \"${fullsection}\"\\n  Title  \"${section}\"\\n"
> endmenu:     "EndPopUp\\n"
> submenutitle:"  Popup \"${section}$%{icon}\" ${fullsection}\\n"
> genmenu:       "menudefs.hook"
> rootprefix:    "/etc/X11/afterstep/"
> userprefix:    "/.afterstep/"
> input2prefix:  "/etc/X11/afterstep/"
> mainmenutitle: "Debian"
> I tried editing both files, but neither one made any difference.
> My origional verison of AS on this system did come with Debian, but
> suspecting that they were toying with it, I uninstalled it completely and
> downloaded a version from  THat didn't make any
> difference.
> So, could anyone shed some light on the mysterious Debian directory or the
> non-configurable directory?
> Thanks a million,
> Mike
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