Problem swallowing app

David G. Watson (
Sat, 4 Sep 1999 12:53:12 -0400

I've been having trouble swallowing a program (Licq, to be exact) into my 
Wharf.  The problem is that the wharf window for Licq (named LicqWharf) 
starts out as a 0x0 window.  It also doesn't have a titlebar or border.

When I swallow it, nothing shows up, because the window is 0x0.  What can I
do?  I'm totally stumped...

Also, is there anyway I can have the Wharf not take right-clicks to mean that
it should roll up?  It's very annoying when I have an ICQ prog or an MP3 
player swallowed and I try to right-click to get extra functionality. I don't
have that problem with WindowMaker, but really don't want to use WindowMaker
(I think AfterStep looks and feels much nicer).

-David Watson