Wrong colors.

Jeroen Asselman (j.asselman@writeme.com)
Mon, 06 Sep 1999 21:05:03 +0000


I noticed something odd, never realized it could be afterstep doing
something wrong. I have got the following problem.
When I use a gradient from black to grey to gradient isn't going very
smoothly. I goes from black to grey allright, however the grey values
between black and right or not all correct.
Assume the gradient goes from the left to the right, the left is black,
than lighter black, than lighter black/purple (at least not grey)
lighter light black, lighter light light black/purple etc... I good make
a drawing to show the effect.
I assume it goes wrong when afterstep determines the color because when
I load a background picture with asetroot (morninglory.jpg) I see the
same effect in the sky, only with blue tints this time.
Is this a known problem? Or has this asetroot 'problem' to do with some
compression it uses to save memory? (If it uses compression)

(I can make perfect gradients in the gimp, so it doesn't seem to be the
video card or XFree86)

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